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When you are faced with frustrating and unexpected plumbing situation, give the experts a call here at Van Haaften Plumbing & Heating. Our family-owned company since 1949 can provide you with a full range of plumbing solutions to fit your needs. We offer 24/7 service in case you have a plumbing problem that simply can’t wait. Our highly skilled team of experts have been trusted and recommended by countless Pella and Knoxville area residents and business owners. We are here to help and look forward to serving you. See our list below for the plumbing services we offer.

Plumbing repair and installation services:

  • Water Heaters
  • Sump pumps
  • Gas piping
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Showers
  • Tubs
  • Fixtures


12 Indications You Should Call a Plumber

A few plumbing challenges, like a burst pipe, are straightforward. Some aren’t as blatant but have the possibility to inflict a lot of wreckage in your home.

While you can attempt to mend some of these plumbing issues by yourself, you could end up making them worse in most circumstances. Expert plumbers have undertaken specialized training and hold much hands-on skills.

Listed are a some issues that require the help of a local professional like Van Haaften Plumbing & Heating.

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Water Leaks

1. Burst Pipes

In the cold weather, water can freeze in your pipes and cause them to break. A burst pipe can cause flooding and considerable water damage in your home if it’s not repaired promptly.

If you have found a leaking pipe, the beginning step is to turn off your home’s water supply. You’ll do this at the main water shutoff valve, which is usually located in your utility closet. Rotating the lever clockwise will stop the water.

Then contact us at 641-628-3621 immediately. Regardless if it’s behind a wall, in your lawn or beneath your property’s foundation, we’ll be able to uncover the broken pipe and fix it straight away.

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2. Water Fees Are Rising

If you don’t use more water than typical and your fee doubles, there’s a good probability you have a water leakage. At times your payment will increase just a little bit. It’s tougher to expose but will normally become more noticeable as the leak expands.

It can be difficult to find a water leak without professional help. Although you can examine your water meter to determine if the leak is inside or outside your home.

moldy ceiling icon

3. Fungus is Emerging on Walls, Ceilings or Floors

Some mildew is normal in humid quarters like bathrooms. Although it’s not typical to see sizable sums growing on a non-shower wall, the ceiling or floorboards, especially if these surfaces feel squishy to the touch.

damaged walls icon

4. Walls, Ceiling or Floors are Decaying

A dripping pipe can make walls, ceilings and floors to feel flexible or sag. It could also give notice to water stains on surfaces.

These challenges can arise in areas with deficient venting or high humidity. However it is particularly problematic if you are experiencing other signs of a broken pipe, like mold or musty smells.

musty smell icon

5. Bad Smell

Stagnant water can make an area smell stale. If the area also has wet walls or floors, you possibly have a water leak.

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Different Plumbing Problems

6. Backflow in Your Sink or Toilet

Your plumbing can back up sewer water and cause ruin when the water pressure decreases in your house. This may be caused by a broken backflow preventer, sewer line impairment or other local challenges. Contact us at 641-628-3621 at the earliest sign of backflow and our team will get it fixed promptly.

poor water pressure icon

7. Water Pressure is Low

A number of factors can be wrong when your water pressure is insufficient. There can be a clog in your toilet. It may also be caused by a broken water heater or a busted pipe.

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8. There’s Never Enough Hot Water

If you possess a hot water unit with a tank, it has a defined space for hot water. If you’re experiencing chilly water when you haven’t used a lot of hot water, something could be in need of repair. Your hot water tank could be leaking, nonfunctional or need to be changed.

slow drain icon

9. Sink or Shower Empties Slowly

A block is usually to be at fault when your sink or shower is draining too slowly. Our team uses a special instrument like a drain snake to break it up and get your fixture draining efficiently again.

running toilet icon

10. Toilet Is Continually Running

If your toilet’s tank seal gets damaged, it will indicate to the tank to keep refilling. A toilet that is always refilling can rapidly drive up your water bills.

dirty water icon

11. Water is Discolored

Your water should be clear.

Don’t worry if the water comes out cloudy once in a while, as this typically just means there’s air in the water store. If you discover fragments settling at the base of your glass, we recommend you get your boiler examined.

Water that’s any other color can be harmful to your well-being. Below are some issues that may cause your water to be discolored:

  • Brown, red or yellow—This is often the result of a water main break in your area. It could also mean your pipes are old or rusty.
  • Green or blue—This is especially serious, because it means your pipes are probably corroded. Your water could taste like metal or acrid because of a high amount of copper or lead. Long-term consumption has been connected to critical health problems in adults and children, such as intestinal illnesses, cancer and seizures.

If you’re observing off-color water or grime in your water, connect with us at 641-628-3621 and our team will identify the issue.

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12. Pipes are Making Knocking Sounds

It isn’t usual to hear odd noises in your plumbing units while running water. This means your pipes could be loose or could be close to leaking.

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At Van Haaften Plumbing & Heating, we offer plumbing mends and installation services that you can rely on. We’re here to guide you, so call us at 641-628-3621 when you need exceptional whole-house plumbing services promptly.

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