Woman wearing winter coat looking at thermostat
Guide to Energy-Efficient Thermostat Settings in Winter in Pella
December 21, 2021
Heating your house during the winter is expensive. Learn which thermostat settings will save you the most money during cold weather.
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Man plugging his nose
Is it Normal for a New Furnace to Smell?
December 8, 2021
Worried about odors from your new furnace? Learn what's normal and what's not, as well as three furnace smells you shouldn't ignore.
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Woman sitting on the floor next to a sink holding a wrench and talking on the phone
We Solve 5 Common Plumbing Noises: What They Mean and How to Fix Them
December 8, 2021
It's not a great sign if your plumbing is whistling, gurgling or humming. Learn about five of the most typical noises and how you can repair them.
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Man working on a furnace
Estimated Repair Costs for 4 Common Furnace Problems
November 30, 2021
It's frustrating when your furnace won't turn on, stay lit, blow hot air or turn off. Find out what causes these common problems and projected repair costs.
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Man adjusting thermostat with a woman holding a baby in the background
Natural Gas Prices Are Rising; Here's How to Keep Heating Costs Under Control
November 17, 2021
With natural gas prices on the rise, energy-efficient heating is more important than ever. Learn how to increase your HVAC systems energy efficiency.
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Woman and man looking at paper
7 Reasons to Get a High-Efficiency Furnace
October 28, 2021
Wondering if a high-efficiency furnace is worth it? Here are seven reasons why it is and how it can help lower your utility bills over its lifetime.
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